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We are currently in search of an experienced Software Developer to create and maintain software to help us evolve our SettleTop Software Quality Platform. This is a fantastic opportunity to engage in a positive and creative work environment that offers excellent benefits and flexible schedules.


Your primary focus will be the development of the back end, creating server-side data processing logic and back-end linkages to orchestration servers while ensuring high performance and responsiveness to requests from the front & back-end / API requests.

  • Writing reusable, testable and efficient code

  • Design, develop and maintain new features and APIs used by our clients using Java, Spring/Spring Boot, Python, Django, PostgreSQL, MySQL, AWS and cloud infrastructure

  • Perform object-oriented programming

  • Architect and develop data management functionality

  • Implement best practices for optimal performance and reliability

  • Cloud application development with Azure, AWS, Google Cloud

  • Test and debug source code according to Java, Python and Django best practices

  • Create and maintain detailed documentation for newly implemented code


  • 8+ years of experience working with Python Data Structures and OOPs concepts

  • Familiar with Python packages like(NumPy, MatPlotlib, Scikit, PyTorch, etc)

  • Experience with AWS-based applications and environments

  • Scripting languages like Groovy and Bash 

  • Experience developing Java, Python apps that interact with ORM libraries (SQL, PostgreSQL)

  • Experience with Java and Python libraries for serializing/deserializing JSON to and from Java Objects (Gson, Jackson)

  • Excellent knowledge of and experience with frameworks specifically for creating RESTful services (Retrofit, Spark, Swagger)

  • Experience working with Servers which are specifically used to deploy applications (Apache Tomcat, Jetty, WildFly)

  • Hands on experience with popular full-stack Python and Java web frameworks (Django, web2py, Spring Boot, Ninja, Play, Blade, Vaadin)

  • Experience in working and processing large data sets in a time-sensitive environment

  • Container technologies such as Docker, ECS Cluster

  • Familiar with Command-line Argument parsers (JCommander)

  • Excellent knowledge of and experience with: Java, Python, Linux (Ubuntu, RHEL), Git

  • Experience working in adaptive methodologies like Agile and Scrum

  • Ability to work unsupervised in a fast-paced environment

  • Openness to learn and apply new processes and tools

  • Strong organizational and leadership skills

  • Excellent critical thinking, problem solving, organizational, interpersonal and oral/written communication skills

About SettleTop:

At SettleTop, we are focused on providing our clients with an objective, trusted view of how software is being created and managed today. Our years of experience have taught us that understanding software is difficult - our priority is to give an unbiased view of software assets with the support of our best of breed software quality partners.


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