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Software Quality Scorecard

SetVIEW is a software quality scorecard solution that provides a high-level quality assessment of a software asset. SetVIEW is a simple automated solution that leverages the best of breed 3rd party tools for a complete view of the quality of an application.

SetVIEW Reports can be generated to specific requirements, from a comprehensive software quality report to a deep dive report of a particular area. Specifically, these areas include:

  • Application Security

  • Architecture Quality

  • Code Quality

  • Open Source Composition

  • Software Economics

Software Asset Management

SetDATA is a software asset management and data analytics platform for executive decision making regarding an organization's software portfolio. SetDATA enables data-driven decisions based on application and vendor performance.

SetData provides data analytics for course of action decisions and allows for comparison across its growing data vault of comparables. Data includes:

  • Vendor Performance over time

  • Application Performance over time

  • Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics for Improvement

  • Digital Certificates for Compliance

  • Benchmark Data Vault for Comparison

SetVIEW is a fully automated, comprehensive software quality scorecard fully integrated with 3rd party vendor tools (no need for multiple contracts with different tools). SetView provides senior software executives with a single comprehensive view of all their software assets.

SetVIEW can be integrated into an organization's DevSecOps environment or provided as a simple one-time assessment.  For information about our various solutions and pricing (on-premise and SaaS), please contact us below. Click here for our current professional services rate sheet.


Core Software Quality Metrics

Five Core Metrics For Software Quality


Key Insights

Data-Driven Views into Software Quality


Application Scorecard

Software Quality Scorecard of Specific Application


Vendor Performance

Track Vendor and Application Performance over time

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